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do you know what is yoga????read on to discover a whole new way of life


   What is Yoga
There are lots of references to Yoga in Hindu scriptures, especially
            in the Gita, the Upanishads and other Puranas. Here's a selection of
            quotations from Sanskrit literature, which try to define or qualify
            The Bhagavad Gita -
            "Yoga is skill in actions."
            "Yoga is balance (samatva)"
            "Yoga is known as the disconnection (viyoga) of the connection
            (samyoga) with suffering."
            Yoga-Sūtra -
            " Yoga is the control of the whirls of the mind."
            Yoga-Bhāshya -
            " Yoga is ecstasy (samādhi)"
            Maitrī-Upanishad -
            "Yoga is said to be the oneness of breath, mind, and senses, and the
            abandonment of all states of existence."
            Yoga-Yājnavalkya -
            "Yoga is the union of the individual psyche (jīva-ātman) with the
            transcendental Self (parama-ātman)."
            Yoga-Bīja -
            " Yoga is the unification of the web of dualities (dvandva-jāla)."
            " Yoga is said to be control."
            Rāja-Mārtanda -
            " Yoga is the separation (viyoga) of the Self from the earthly
            " Yoga is said to be the unity of exhalation and
inhalation and of
            blood and semen, as well as the union of sun and moon and of the
            individual psyche with the transcendental Self."

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Related mantras
                  (these chants are used along with a series of suryanamaskaras)
                  Om Mitraya Namaha, Om Ravaye Namaha, Om Suryaya Namaha, Om
                  Bhanave Namaha, Om Khagaaya Namaha, Om Pooshne Namaha, Om
                  Hiranya Garbhaya namaha, Om marichaye nama, Om Adityaaya
                  Namaha, Om Savitre Namaha, Om Arkaaya Namaha, Om Bhaskaraya
                  Namaha, Om Shri Savita, Sooryanaaraayanaaya Namaha.
                  Om sarve bhavantu sukinaha
                  sarve santu niraamayaha
                  sarve bhadrani pashyantu
                  maa kaschid dhukha bhaagavet
                  Om shantih shantih shantihi SHANTHI MANTRA
                  Om may all be happy
                  May all be free from disabilities
                  May all look to the good of others
                  May none suffer from sorrow
                  Om Peace Peace Peace.

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